Precision is Our Nature

Union MechaTronic Inc. is a global integrated machine tool builder bringing a combination of deep industry experience and expert knowledge, to offer our customers high quality machines with services.

Schaublin Machines SA, with more than 100-year industry experience, has formed a strategic alliance with Union MT. Our business alliance extends to product co-development and production.

In 2017, Tschudin AG, the world-class quality high-precision Swiss machine tool builder, appointed Union MT as the sole distributor in Taiwan.



Strategy Development

Union MT is committed to building a customer-focused, employee caring, and social responsible enterprise.

Mission Statement

Union MT strives to provide world-class products and efficient services. We are customer focused and therefore, we support clients by bringing best practices in value chain and manufacturing.

Vision Statement

Happy employees best support the growth of companies. In Union MT, we build a "happiness company" to satisfy clients, firms and society.

Goal Statement

We aim to become the world-class company for long-term success.


  • Union MT was established
  • First time attended EMO exhibition
  • New developed Flat Bed TC series
  • Successful strategic alliance with Schaublin Machines SA (Swiss)
  • Exclusive Taiwan distribution with Schaublin Machines SA (Swiss)
  • Union MT initialed Open House
  • Factory relocated to current Dali site
  • Developed CNC Slant SC series
  • Attended TIMTOS for the first time
  • New development Multi-Spindle HMX series
  • Developed VMC MV 300/500/600/700 series
  • Successul development of CNC Slant SL series
  • Developed and produced VMC MV model for "S" company in Europe markets
  • New developed MV760/1000 series
  • Manufactured CNC Slant Bed SL model for "S" company in Europe markets
  • Awarded "Member of the Year" by Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry
  • Certified with “TTQS” Management System by Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Sole distribution agreement with Tschudin AG (Swiss)
  • Successfully developed 5-Axis Machining Center MVX series
  • New developed 2-Spindle VMC MVT series
  • New Website redesigned and launched
  • Produced VMC MV model for “W” company in Eastern Europe markets
  • Being Featured Among Taiwan World Trade Association’s Yearbook of "Taiwan Best Products"
  • Co-designed Qube model with “T” company in Europe markets
  • ODM SL842 Y for “S” company in Europe markets
  • Successfully developed Travel Column TM 4000
  • Created Official Facebook account
  • Established Union MT Technology Center in Europe for sales and services
  • Winning Bronze medal of “TTQS”, Enterprise Management System by Ministry of Labor, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Optimize media website of Showroom & E-book

Customised Services

Union MT deliver solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs


Agent Cooperation

Exclusive Taiwan Distribution Rights for Swiss Brand Lathe and Grinding Machine

In Switzerland, accuracy and precision permeate every aspect of life. The alliance between UNION MT and SCHAIBLIN combines the professional technologies from both organisations. Togther, we build business relationship with the human touch.


Connect Partners to World

For more than 35 years, Union MT has cultivated the work professionlaism and passion as our business cornerstone in machine tool industry.

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Union MT takes an efficient approach when delivering customer service and problem solutions.