• 2017-03-09
    Union MT x Tschudin AG: Cooperation Announcement and New Product Presentation

    (Photo credit: chinatimes.com) Representation on authority of signatories of contract. Douglas Spieser, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Tschudin AG (left), with Christoph Blättler, Secretary General of Swissmem Machine Tool Manufacturers (front), and Paul Ling, the President of Union MT (right). Union MT and Tschudin AG industries, two machine tool manufacturers, announced today that the companies will join forces to share knowledge and promote the benefits of Tschudin’s centerless grinding machine. The cooperation takes effective immediately. The cooperation represents collaboration across borders, with Union MT as Taiwan’s experienced machine tool builder and Tschudin as one of Swiss’ grinding machine giants. “We are pleased to work with Union MT” said Douglas Spieser, the Vice President Sales and Marketing of Tschudin AG. “Union MT has 30-year industry experience and product knowledge, I trust Union MT’s work professionalism and corporate values that can best resemble Tschudin AG in Taiwan.” The 5 Critical Characteristics of Tschudin Centerless Grinding Machine: (1) High reliability; (2) High precision; (3) High efficiency; (4) Easy-to-maintain machine; (5) Digital grinding and dressing process of 400 CNC proline. About Tschudin AG SCHUDIN AG is an international high-tech company based in Grenchen, Switzerland, and is a specialist designer and manufacturer of CNC Centerless Grinding Machines. TSCHUDIN has been a well-recognized brand name in the industry for more than 65 years.