Union MT: Machine tool builder of High Precision, High Rigidity, and High Stability

Union Mechatronic Inc. has established its reputation in the field of machine tool with high precision, rigidity, and sustainability by strict quality assurance and metal scraping craftsmanship. This year at TIMTOS, we specially display the 5-Axis machining center, MVX255 5AX.

To cope with industrial automation in manufacturing industry, customized machining centers and SL series turning centers can equip with automation system, enhancing shop floor production and yield rate. Combining with one to several units with gantry type robotic arm, a unique production system is built. It greatly saves a lot of costs and labors and is special suitable to cope with increasing demanding industrial criteria, President Paul Ling states as follows.

In TIMTOS 2019, Union MT presents a range of newly developed machines: High Precision VMC MC series, Twin Spindle/ Four Spindle/ Moving Column Horizontal Machining Center, along with efficient total solution.

Customized Models

Responding to rapid change in customer requirements, we focus on customer-oriented products. With professional design and application capability, Union MT brings you series of turning centers, vertical machining centers and horizontal machining centers.

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(Photo credit: chinatimes.com)