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Ultra Precision Products 225TM-CNC
Machining Capability

Hard Turning

Turn Mate

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High-precision lathes with numerical control by Fanuc. Like a conventional lathe, these machines can be operated by means of handwheels or they can be controlled numerically. The Turn Mate function is very easy to use and does not demand ISO programming knowledge. D1-3 spindle nose. These lathes are ideal for hard turning.

  • Thread cutting up to 2,000 rpm
  • Free figure (max. 30 blocks)
  • Tread correction
  • Grooving with radius or chamfers


High precision


CNC-Turning as Simple and Flexible as Conventional Turning

CNC-Turning as Simple and Flexible as Conventional Turning

The CCN (conventional control numerical) lathe combines the advantages of a numerical control and the simplicity of a conventional lathe.

High Speed Spindle Technology

High Speed Spindle Technology

The machine features spindle technology up to 50-5,000 rpm.

Hrc 65

Hrc 65

Suitable for hard turning 65 Hrc
Generating a surface of RA= 0.2~0.4


Machining Capacity 
Height of centres over bed 125 mm
Height of centres over carriage 60 mm
Maximum turning diameter  270 mm
Maximum swing over carriage 115 mm
Turning length with collets 409 mm
Headstock CAMLOCK D1-3
Spindle for SCHAUBLIN collets B32
Spindle speed 50 - 5000 min-1
AC motor drive:Power continuous/ intermittent 3.7/5.5 kW
Programmable increment
Spindle throughbore (without drawbar) 28 mm
Spindle throughbore with collet  24 mm
Transverse stroke, X-axis 136 mm
Resolution, X axis (on-radius) 0.0005 mm
AC motor drive: Continuous/ intermittent torque 7 m/ 15 Nm
Longitudinal stroke, Z-axis 410 mm
Resolution, Z- axis  0.001 mm
AC motor drive, continuous / intermittent torque 7 Nm/ 15Nm
Working feeds, X- and Z-axis, stepless 0-5 m/min
Rapid feed, X- and Z-axis 10 m/min
Tooling system: Linear
Number of radial toolholder (according to Ø of the piece)  2
Number of frontal toolholder (according to Ø of the piece)  2~5
Maximum tool size (MULTIFIX / TRIPAN / SMSA) 16 x 16 mm
Milling and Grinding attachment (options) 20 mm
Clamping tools for collets ESX 20/ ESX9
Screw-type tailstock
Internal taper of the sleeve MORSE 2
Spindle OD 35 mm
Spindle stroke 100 mm
Tank with coolant
Tank capacity  55 l.
Pump displacement capacity 10 l/min
Pressure of waterning pump  1.7 bars
Dimensions and weight 
Approximate net weight of the machine  1,200 kg
Load floor  1,750 kg/m²
Load floor 1,660 x 1,200 x 1,630 mm

The 225 TM-CNC High Precision Lathe is in conformity with the European Community safety regulations. In view of the constant improvements made to our products, technical data illustrations, dimensions, and weights appearing in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.

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