Ultra Precision Products

CUBE 350

Ultra Precision Products CUBE 350
Machining Capability

Centerless Grinding

  • Automotive
  • Micro Mechanic
  • Medical

The patented 3-axes concept significantly simplifies the entire system for maximized reliability and uptime. The patented movable workrest axis (W-Axis) allows for additional grinding processes and even complex profiles can be ground. The loading and unloading of the workpieces is always outside of the grinding zone, allowing simplified and safe automation or safe manual loading.

  • Machine concept – less parts, more reliability
  • Set up process – digitally stored setting data to recall
  • Operation process – anyone can reproduce identical results
  • Grinding process – consistency by mastering thermal growth

Plunge Grinding- Manual loading safety according to CE regulations

Through-Feed Grinding- CNC controlled grinding/regulating wheel enhances process capability

New Process- Patented movable W-axis allows additional process possibilities

Safe Loading/Unloading

Safe Loading/Unloading

Loading and unloading of the workpiece outside of the grind zone results in higher reliability. The automation is not within the dirty grinding zone.

Ergonomie, Function and Design

Ergonomie, Function and Design

Ergonomic operations for left-and-right-handed users (patent pending)
Simple and convenient handling (software TSCHUDIN )
Best accessibility and maintenance



U: Grinding Wheel
W: Workset Blade
X: Regulating Wheel


Process TSCHUDIN Cube 350
Through feed grinding
rinding area Ø
0.1-20 mm
Plunge grinding
Grinding area Ø
0.1-20 mm
Grinding wheel width
Grinding length
Plunge grinding
150 mm
(optiona 205 mm)
Grinding wheels Ø 350 mm
Bore diameter 203.2 mm
Regulating wheels Ø 275 mm
Bore diameter 175 mm
Drive power
grinding spindle
7.5 / 12 kW
Peripheral speed
grinding wheel (V-constant)
max. 63 m/s
Speed regulating wheel
(infinitely variable)
CNC control Fanuc 0i
Resolution 0.1 μ
Dimensions L x T x H 2,558 x 1,735 x 1,320 mm
Weight 4 t

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