5-Axis / 5-Face Machining Center

MVX255 5AX Series

MVX255 5-Axis machining center/5-Face Machining Center
Machining Capability


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Precision Mold
  • Medical

The MVX255 5AX is a state-of-the-art 5 Axis CNC Machining Center that offers a wide working range and precise Y-axis travel of 610 mm. With its compact table size of ø250 mm and maximum workpiece size of ø255 x 300 mm, MVX255 5AX is proficient in executing complex contouring and high-accuracy machining tasks. 

The MVX255 5AX integrates advanced 5 Axis CNC technology, making it an ideal choice for aerospace, medical, mold, automotive, and advanced industries.

  • Direct drive spindle or motor spindle
  • Low gravity center base
  • 7 leveling screws and 3 points leveling
  • Our new industrial design blends aesthetic, technological, and precise styles.

Large work range

Small footprint

A and C axis

MVX255 5-Axis machining center/5-Face Machining Center High Rigidity Structure

High Rigidity Structure

Wider column span, heavy duty and high precision roller linear guide 35/ 45/ 45 mm on X/ Y/ Z axis and six blocks on X, Y and Z axes for rigidity. Pretension oversized 45 mm diameter ball screws for transmission rigidity and provide heavy duty machining and stability.

MVX255 5-Axis machining center/5-Face Machining Center High Precision Spindle

High Precision Spindle

Direct drive spindle or motor spindle features the least noise and vibrations.

MVX255 5-Axis machining center/5-Face Machining Center A Axis and C Axis

A Axis and C Axis

High accuracy and high speed 5 axis rotary table, repeatability of 4″ and max. table speed at 25 rpm.


ITEM 255 5AX
Working Range
Table size ø250 mm
Travel X/ Y/ Z X: 460 mm/ Y: 610 mm (+305 ~ ‐305)/ Z: 450 mm
Tilt travel A axis A: +30°~‐120°
Rotary travel C axis 360°
Spindle nose to table surface 30 ~ 480 mm
Spindle nose to A axis center @A axis tilt 90° ‐10(A axis center) ~ 480 mm
Max. workpiece size ø255 x 300 mm
Table load capacity 30 kg (Horizontal); 20 kg (Tilt)
Main Spindle
Spindle & transmission type HSK E40
Max. spindle speed 42,000 rpm Oil Air
Spindle base speed 25,700 rpm
Max. spindle output 13 kw, S6-40%
Max. spindle torque 6.3 Nm
Feed Drive
Rapid travel X/ Y/ Z 10,759/ 10,759/ 17,671 N
Rapid travel X/ Y/ Z 24/ 24/ 24 m/min
Rotary speed A/C 100 min¯¹/ 250 min¯¹
Linear guide size 35/ 45/ 45 mm
Ball screw diameter 45 mm
Automatic Tool Changer
Tool selection Random and shortest selection
Magazine pots 30
Max. tool adj. w/o tool 90 (75) mm/ 180 (150) mm 75 mm/ 150 mm
Max. tool length 300 mm
Max. tool weight 4 kg 3 kg
CTC time 4.5 sec. 4 sec.
ISO 230-2
Accuracy positioning 0.005 mm
Repeatability 0.004 mm
Coolant System
Coolant tank capacity 300 L
Nozzle coolant & flush pump 100L/ min, 3.5 bar
Machine Size
Height 3,100 mm
Width x depth 2,500 x 2,807 mm
Weight 7,400 kg
Main power 35 KVA 380-440V, 50/60 HZ
Pneumatic consumption 5.5 kg/ cm²

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