CNC Horizontal Turning Center

SC Oil Country Series

SC Oil Country Series CNC Horizontal Turning Center
Machining Capability

Box Way

  • Micro Mechanic
  • Equipment
  • Metal Hardware

All of the SC oil country series are equipped with well hardened, precision ground bed ways and wider guide span as to increase machine stability and longevity.

  • Robust boring bar Φ 80 mm for better drilling capability
  • Enhanced one piece base and bed assure heavy duty and precision turning
  • Friendly access load and unload long workpiece
  • Programmable tailstock, live quill and hydraulic steady rest

Rigid bed and base

Big bore spindle

Fanuc spindle motor output

SC Oil Country Series CNC Horizontal Turning Center Heavy duty and Big Bore Spindle

Heavyduty and Big Bore Spindle

Bearing layout of spindle with taper roller bearings and four steps spindle speed ranges ensure heavyduty cutting performances and maximum torque 22,632 Nm.

SC Oil Country Series CNC Horizontal Turning Center Workholding Capability

Workholding Capability

More workholding options such as air chuck, hydraulic and rear manual chuck options provide long workpieces machining capability.

SC Oil Country Series CNC Horizontal Turning Center Robust Tailstock

Robust Tailstock

Robust tailstock structure with MT#6 taper provides heavy-duty cutting and drilling capability.


ITEM SC 8010 SC 8020 SC 8030 SC 8040
Max. swing diameter 1,100 mm (43.31")
Swing oversaddle 1,020 mm (40.16")
Max. turning diameter 1,020 mm (40.16")
Max. turning length 1,020 mm (40.16") 2,020 mm (79.53") 3,020 mm (118.90") 4,020 mm (158.27")
Chuck size 18" (Optional 20"/ 21"/ 23"/ 32")
Spindle nose A2-11 (Optional A2-15/ A2-20)
Hole through spindle A2-11 160 (6.30")/ A2-15 205 (8.07") 230 (9.06")/ A2-20 305 (12.01") 360 (14.17")
Spinlde motor peak power 37 Kw (50HP)
Spindle peak torque 22,632 Nm@19 rpm S3 25%
X & Z Axis
X axis travel 540 mm (21.26")
Z axis travel 1,120 mm (44.09") 2,120 mm (83.46") 3,120 mm (122.83") 4,120 mm (162.20")
X axis rapid rate 12 m/min (472 ipm)
Z axis rapid rate 16 m/min (630 ipm)
X axis servo motor X axis 9 Kw (12 HP)
Z axis servo motor Z axis 5.5 Kw (7.4 HP)
Slide way type Box Way
Turret type Servo drive 12 stations
Square shank size 40 mm (1.57")
Boring tool shank size 80 mm (3.15")
Quill center taper MT#6
Quill diameter/ travel 200 mm (7.87")/ 210 mm (8.27")
Tailstock base travel 800 mm (31.50") 1,800 mm (70.87") 2,800 (110.24") 3,800 (149.61")

-Two faced contact tools are needed to get better cutting capability.
-Actual values may differ from the specification in the catalog caused by optional and peripheral accessories.
*¹Fanuc system spindle & servo motors adopt alpha series motors.

*Please be aware of the continuous performance improving policy, UnionMT reserves the rights to change product specifications, data, options, appearances and etc. without notice.

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