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102 TM-CNC with Robot

Ultra Precision Products 102 TM-CNC with Robot
Machining Capability

Automation Turning

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A client may benefit from the advantages of a machine with integrated robot while he is also able to program the robot and the workpiece loading and unloading attachments according to his individual requirements. Programming of the Stäubli robot is very easy. Just use a PC or an operating desk. Other systems, e.g. a pallet system, can be used as well to feed the machine with workpieces. For instance, workpiece supply using a conveyor belt equipped with a camera is conceivable. Such a system enables the robot to detect the supplied workpieces and the workpiece orientation.

  • Easy robot programming
  • Space saving design
  • Turret height adjustment +/-0.2 mm
  • The workpiece can be machined on both sides when using special holders for reversing the workpiece

Flexible clamping system: collet or chuck according to application.

The robot can be programmed using an operating desk or a PC.

Increase the capacity of tooling of the machine which allows to produce complex parts in 1 clamping (turret only on 102 TM-CNC with Fanuc 0i Mate-TD).

Stäubli TX40 IP65 6 Axis

Stäubli TX40 IP65 6 Axis

A twin gripper can be installed to shorten the time needed to change the workpiece. Automatic gripper change is enabled by changing the current machine set-up. Several 102TM-type machines can be combined to build a flexible manufacturing system.

Machine Advantages

Machine Advantages

Protection of the operators from robot movements by simply locking the 2 machine doors and the access cover between machining area and workpiece loading/unloading area.

Turret Technical Data

Turret Technical Data

The turret is 6 fixed positions and contollred by the control of the machine. However, the turret can only be installed on the back side of the carriage.


Machining Capacity
Height of centers over bed 102 mm
Maximum swing over carriage 75 mm
Turning length with collets W20/W25 W20:100 mm / W25:100 mm
Maximum parts dimension ø20 mm / L50 mm
Spindle for “SCHAUBLIN” collets W20 / W25
Spindle speed 50 - 8000 min-1
AC motor drive, Power continuous / intermittent 1.5/2.2 kW
Programmable increment 0.001°
Spindle throughbore with clip (without drawbar) 17mm / 21mm
Maximum throughbore with collet W20/W25 W20:14.5 mm / W25:19 mm
Transverse stroke, X-axis 120 mm
Resolution, X-axis (on radius) 0.0005 mm
AC motor drive, continuous / intermittent torque 0.65 Nm / 2.5 Nm
Ball screw, Ø x pitch ø12.0 / 3.0 mm
Longitudinal stroke, Z-axis 100 mm
Resolution, Z-axis 0.001 mm
AC motor drive, continuous / intermittent torque 0.65 Nm / 2.5 Nm
Ball screw, Ø x pitch ø12.0 / 3.0 mm
Working feeds, X- and Z-axis 0-5 m/min
Rapid feed, X- and Z-axis 7 m/min
Tooling system: Linear
Number of radial toolholder (according to Ø of the piece) 2
Number of frontal toolholder (according to Ø of the piece) 2->5
Maximum tool size (MULTIFIX / TRIPAN / SMSA) 12 x 12 mm
Milling and Grinding attachment (options) Yes
Clamping tools for collets ESX 20 / ESX 9
Coolant supply (option)
Tank capacity 25 l. (option)
Pump capacity 10 l/min (option)
Pump pressure 0.5 bars (option)
Robot Stäubli TX40
Number of axis 6
Total weight per part 2 kg
Repeatability ±0.02 min
IP 65
Dimensions and weight
Approximate net weight of the machine 1,600kg
Load floor 1,983 kg/m²
Overall dimensions in mm length x depth x height 1,860 x 1,100 x 2,060

-The 102 TM-CNC robot High Precision Lathe is in conformity with the European Community safety regulations. In view of the constant improvements made to our products, technical data illustrations, dimensions, and weights appearing in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.

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