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Ultra Precision Products 70-CF
Machining Capability

Conventional Turning

  • Micro Mechanic

A proven machine which is highly renowned for its advantages and manifold possibilities of use. In this tradition, SCHAUBLIN MACHINES SA has further improved the capacities of the 70-CF lathes and even simplified their operation. Equipped with W12 collet. Drive CF for milling or grinding attachments, including:

  • Adjustable and swivelling belt-tensioning attachment
  • Drive device complete - motor 0.44 Kw
  • speed variation by frequency converter
  • belt Ø 6 x 2500 mm

Bench colour selection: Urphen E

Bench colour selection: Urphen K

Bench colour selection: Argolit 330

Machine Colour Selection

Machine Colour Selection

Possibility to order also in that colours

Grinding Attachment

Grinding Attachment

Grinding attachment max. 30,000 min¯¹

Milling attachment

Milling attachment

Milling attachment for collet W12


Machining Capacity
Max. permissible swing over bed 130 mm
Max. permissible swing over carriage 85 mm
Center height over bed 70 mm
Center height over carriage 16 mm
Maximum distance between centres 275 mm
Main spindle;AC motor drive:
Performance, continuous operation 1.1 kW
Spindle for SCHAUBLIN collets W12
Spindle speed, infinitely variable 100 - 5000 min¯¹
Spindle ID (without chuck key) 12 mm
Max. bar capacity with W12 collet 8.2 mm
Cross slide
Manual travel of the slide on the bed 302 mm
Transverse stroke, X axis 65 mm
Resolution, X axis (radius) 0.01
Trapezoidal thread screw, dia. x pitch ø6.5 / 1.0 mm
Longitudinal stroke, Z axis 60 mm
Resolution, Z axis 0.01
Trapezoidal thread screw, dia. x pitch ø6.5 / 1.0 mm
Tooling system: Linear
Max. cross section of tool shank (MULTIFIX system) 8 x 8 mm
Max. cross section of tool shank (TRIPAN system) 8 x 8 mm
Bar holder dia. (Multifi x system) 10 mm
Bar holder dia. (Tripan system) 8 mm
Screw-type tailstock
Internal taper of the sleeve
Spindle OD 22 mm
Spindle stroke 45 mm
Lever-operated tailstock (option)
Internal taper of the sleeve W12
Spindle OD 22 mm
Spindle stroke 50 mm
Steady rests (optional)
Capacity, stationary rest, dia. 35 mm
Dimensions and weight
Approximate net weight of the machine 250 kg
Load floor 238 kg/m²
Overall dimensions in mm length x depth x height 1,600 x 800 x 1,400

-The 70 High Precision Lathes are in conformity with the European Community safety regulations. In view of the constant improvements made to our products, technical data illustrations, dimensions, and weights appearing in this catalogue are subject to change without notice.

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