Vertical Machining Center

MV300 / 500 / 700#40

Machining Capability

Drilling and Tapping

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Micro Mechanic
  • Medical

Compact MV 300/500/ 700 high performance series features the largest working range with compact footprint design. The surperior accuracy and reliability from excellent scrap skill are suitable for high precision milling machining.

  • High acceleration rates 1.5 G
  • Machine stiffness >
    2.5 kgf/um
  • 60 m/min rapids
  • Spindle technology up
    to 15,000-40,000 rpm

Precision measurements better than ISO 10791-7 requirement

FEA engineering analysis

Heavy duty cutting capability

Robust Machine Structure

Robust Machine Structure

Symmetrical headstock and enhanced ribs design to reduce vibrations, termal displacement and cutting stability.

Soild Transmission Structure

Soild Transmission Structure

X, Y and Z axes feed mechanism are direct driven to assure the transmission efficiency and high precision. C1 ball screw provides superior positioning accuracy without backlash errors.

Reliable DDS- Direct Drive Spindle

Reliable DDS- Direct Drive Spindle

Spindle nose run out 0.001 mm and 0.006 mm at measuing length 250 mm of test mandrel.


ITEM 300P 500P 700P
Working Range
Travel X/Y/Z 300 x 400 x 450 mm 500 x 400 x 450 mm 700 x 400 x 450 mm
Travel X/Y/Z 130~580 mm
Table size 650 x 410 mm 750 x 410 mm 850 x 410 mm
Table load capacity 250 kg 280 kg 300 kg
T slot width/ qty/ pitch 14 mm/ 3/ 125 mm
Main Spindle
Spindle type BBT 40, Coupling
Max. spindle speed 10,000 rpm 12,000 rpm 15,000 rpm
Max. spindle output*¹ 11 Kw (S3-15%) 11 Kw (S3-15%) 13 Kw (S3-15%)
Max. spindle torque 70 Nm 70 Nm 41.1 Nm
Automatic Tool Changer
Magazine pots 20
Max. tool adj. w/o tool 75/ 150 mm
Max. tool length 200 mm
Max. tool weight 6 kg
CTC time 3.5 sec.
ISO 230-2
Positioning/ Repeatability 0.006/ 0.004 mm
Coolant System
Coolant tank capacity 200L
Nozzle coolant & flush pump 70L/ min 4 bar
Spindle Grease
Machine Size
Height 2,500 mm
Width x depth 1,560 x 2,891 mm 1,560 x 2,891 mm 2,100 x 2,891 mm
Weight 3,000 kg 3,100 kg 3,400 kg

-Two faced contact tools are needed to get better cutting capability.
-Actual values may differ from the specification in the catalog caused by optional and peripheral accessories.

*Please be aware of the continuous performance improving policy, UnionMT reserves the rights to change product specifications, data, options, appearances and etc. without notice.

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