Multi-Spindle Machining Center


MV324T Twin Spindle Vertical Machining Centers
Machining Capability

Twin Spindle

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Precision Mold
  • Medical

MV324T features higher production efficiency on the largest working range over the compact footprint; space saving, energy saving and automation suitable for small or medium parts and superior accuracy machining applications.

  • 4th or 5th rotary table for efficiency
  • Low gravity center base and wide column span
  • Precision KTR coupling feed mechanism
  • C1 ball screw provides superior positioning accuracy

Reliable and precision spindle

Dual contact faces BBT

Precision measurements better than ISO 10791-7 requirement

MV324T Multi-Spindle Machining Center Rigid Headstock

Rigid Headstock

Wider column span, heavy duty and high precision roller linear guide for rigidity.

MV324T Multi-Spindle Machining Center High Speed Feed

High Speed Feed

High acceleration/ deceleration 1G and rapid feed rate up to 48/ 48/ 36 m/min to reduce non-cutting time and improve operation efficiecny.

MV324T Multi-Spindle Machining Center Compact Floor Design

Compact Floor Design

Large work range over compact floor to save space, energy, time and investment.


ITEM 12 P 15 P 24 P
Working Range
Travel X/ Y/ Z  270 x 400 x 500 mm
Spindle nose to table surface 200~700 mm
Table size 850 x 410 mm
Table load capacity 250 kg
T slot width/ qty/ pitch 14 mm/ 3/125 mm
Main Spindle
Spindle type BBT 20, Coupling, Grease HSK E40 Motor spindle
Spindle quantity 2 Spindles 
Distance between spindles 240 mm
Max. spindle speed 12,000 rpm 15,000 rpm 24,000 rpm
Max. spindle output 11kW, S3-15% 13kW, S3-15% 11kW, S3-15%
Max. spindle torque 70 Nm 41.4 Nm 17.5 Nm
Automatic Tool Changer
Magazine pots 20 x 2; 30 x 2 (Option)
Max. tool adj. w/o tool 75/ 150 mm;50/100 mm (Option)
Max. tool length 200 mm
Max. tool weight 3 kg
CTC  time 2.7 sec.
Machine Size
Dimension W x D x H 1,800 x 2,529 x 2,484 mm
Weight 3,400 kg

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