Vertical Machining Center


CNC Vertical Machining Center NV1000
Machining Capability


  • Automotive
  • Cycling
  • Precision Mold
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Micro Mechanic
  • Equipment
  • Metal Hardware
  • Medical

The NV Series improved the rigidity by employing wider guideways, C2 pretension ball screw offers superior damping performance with roller linear guide in all axes.

The NV Series feature the high value for contributing more operation profit for customers, suitable to small, medium and larger size parts with larger work envelope and less floor.

  • Spindle speed 12,000 rpm/ 15,000 rpm/ 24,000 rpm variations to meet a wide range of machining needs.
  • Faster swing arm type ATC with tool capacity 24 standard or 30 tools optional for more versatile applications.
  • Pressurized coolant washdown and a high-volume coolant tank ensure the smooth flow of coolant and chips, effectively minimizing cutting heat.
  • Experienced FEA technology.

Std. Sealed Coolant Tank; Opt. Dual Filtering Cartridge

Opt. Way Cover and Labyrinth Seal; Opt. Auger Conveyor of Both Sides

Opt. CTS up to 20 Bar; and Opt. Coolant Cooler

CNC Vertical Machining Center NV100 Collision Protection System

Collision Protection System

The equipment is furnished with a collision protection system that can reduce the effects of impacts arising from mechanical malfunctions or mistakes made by operators. This safeguard mechanism efficiently limits the extent of impairment caused by collisions, all the while maintaining the desired levels of precision in the design.

CNC Vertical Machining Center NV100 Ultra Precision Linear Encoder (Opt.)

Ultra Precision Linear Encoder (Opt.)

The X/Y/Z axis can be equipped to integrate a linear scale system, allowing for the dectection of thermal changes caused by machine rapid movement. The resultant thermal displacement data is then transmitted to the controller for adjustment, particularly beneficial for machining high-precision components.

CNC Vertical Machining Center NV100 Larger Work Range

Larger Work Range

A substantial column with robust ribs and expanded guide ways contribute to a soild framework, ensuring limited overhang and improved distribution of cutting forces. The machines' structure composition, utilizing Meehanite cast iron and an improved rib arrangement, guarantees the highest level of stability.


No Group ITEM NV700 NV850 NV1000
1 Working Range Travel X/Y/Z 710/400/450 mm 850/510/510 mm 1,020/560/560 mm
2 Spindle Nose to Table Surface 130~580 mm 100~610 mm 100~660 mm
3 Table Size 850 x 400 mm 1,020 x 500 mm 1,020 x 550 mm
4 Table Load Capacity 500 kg 700 kg 900 kg
5 T Slot Width/ Qty/ Pitch 14 mm/ 3/ 125  mm 18 mm/ 5/ 100  mm 18 mm/ 5/ 100 mm
6 Main Spindle Spindle Type BBT 40, Coupling
7 Max. Spindle Speed 12,000/ (15,000/ 24,000) rpm
8 Max. Spindle Output *¹ 15 kW   S3 15%/ (18.5 kW   S3 15%/ 18 kW S6 60%)
9 Max. Spindle Torque 95.5 Nm   S3 15%/ (118 Nm   S3 15%/ 14.3 Nm S6 60%)
10 Feed Drive Feed Force X/ Y/ Z *¹ 5,760/ 1,047/ 1,047 N
11 Rapid Travel X/ Y/ Z 36/ 36/ 36 m/ min
12 Linear Guide Size 30/ 30/ 30 mm 35/ 45/ 45 mm 35/ 45/ 45 mm
13 Ball Screw Diameter Ø32/ Ø32/ Ø32 mm Ø32/ Ø40/ Ø40 mm Ø40/ Ø40/ Ø40 mm
14 Automatic Tool Changer Tool Selection Random and shortest selection
15 Magazine Pots 24 (Opt. 30)
16 Max. Tool adj. w/o Tool 75/ 150 mm
17 Max. Tool Length 300 mm
18 Max. Tool Weight 6 kg 7 kg
19 CTC Time 1.8 sec. 2.5 sec. 2.8 sec.
20 Accuracy ISO 230-2 Positioning Accuracy 0.007 mm
21 Repeatability Accuracy 0.004 mm
22 Straightness 0.010 mm
23 Squareness 0.010 mm
24 Coolant System Coolant Tank Capacity 200 L 260 L 400 L
25 Nozzle Coolant & Flush Pump 70L/min  3.1 bar x2
26 Through Spindle Coolant 20, 50, 70 bar (Opt.)
27 Lubrication & Cooling Spindle Lubrication Grease(Oil Air, Opt)
28 Thermal Cooling Spindle Cooling
29 Machine Size Floor Space Height 2,547 mm 2,620 mm 2,747 mm
30 Floor Space Width 2,100 mm 2,200 mm 2,280 mm
31 Floor Space Depth 2,295 mm 2,445 mm 2,615 mm
32 Weight 4,000 kg 5,200 kg 5,500 kg
33 Connections Main Power 20 KVA 25 KVA 25 KVA
34 Pneumatic Consumption 5.5 kg/ cm2

*¹Two-faced contact tools are needed for getting better cutting capability.
※Actual values may differ from the specification in the catalog caused by optional and peripheral accessories.

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